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My new life saver - One by Poise®

This blog post is sponsored by KCC Feminine Care, but all the opinions are my own. Let's be honest, giving birth to two babies in 14 months gets everything out of control.

Less time for myself, a less effective pelvic floor and irregular periods that come and go pretty much whenever they want! As a freelancer and full-time mom I must say I do everything at the same time, meaning, not a lot of time to change underwear in the middle of the day, let alone run into the bathroom whenever I sneeze!

After I recently discovered the new One by Poise® 2-in-1 Protection for Period Weeks and Bladder Leaks™ pad I just felt this would definitely change my days for the better! Now that I have One by Poise® pads as a normal part of my self care routine, I don't have to worry about trying to rush to the bathroom when I sneeze and can focus on the tasks I have at hand. This pad is designed to handle periods and badder leaks! It keeps you 10x dryer, has odor control for everyday freshness, and a Dual Leakblock Systemwith stay in place wings and leakblock sides!

I know I'm not alone in this because actually 1 in 3 women suffer from postpartum bladder leaks. If you're in my position, trade up to a better experience and get One by Poise® in the personal care section at any Walmart near you or with pickup/delivery and earn $3 back with Ibotta while supplies last!

Get it HERE

Thank you One by Poise® for being a life saver!



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