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I’ll trade a breakfast in bed for a shower with AVEENO®

This post is sponsored by AVEENO®, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Since I became a mom, having time for myself - and only myself - gets harder every single day. Two toddlers running around the house and following me everywhere doesn’t make it any easier.

As a form to describe my urge for a moment to myself I usually say I’ll trade any breakfast in bed for a nice and quiet shower, and it looks like I just found my partner for a mini spa break in my own bathroom.

I love this new AVEENO® prebiotic oat wash line from Walmart! These body washes not only smell wonderful but, they're great on sensitive skin to gently cleanse and help preserve skin's microbiome - even if I skip a shower for one day - yes, that also happens (I'm a mom). They have the perfect light texture, spreads easily onto my skin, leaving a smooth and silky feeling.

I tried both the AVEENO® Revitalizing Body Wash Prebiotic Oat + Green Tea and the AVEENO® Detoxifying Body Wash Prebiotic Oat + Grapeseed Oil. They are perfect for sensitive skin. The Green Tea + prebiotic wash helps make my skin feel purified and healthy-looking. It also gently cleanses and revitalize in one step!

The Grapeseed oil + prebiotic wash gently cleanse while leaving my skin feeling hydrated and also detoxify it in one step! These are both exclusive to Walmart and you can only find them there!

These Detoxifying and Revitalizing washes are suitable for sensitive skin, leave skin clean and helps to preserve my skin microbiome.

Yes! Did you know our skin has a microbiome?

Let's get into the facts! Our microbiome is an invisible ecosystem of microorganisms living on your skin, consisting of both good bacteria and bad bacteria. A healthy microbiome acts as your skin's natural protective shield. There are many factors that can put your microbiome out of sync - such as weather, harsh cleansers and pollution - these conditions can make your skin more vulnerable to dryness, irritation and sensitivity.

The skin is the human body’s largest organ and is colonized by a diverse community of billions of microorganisms, including both beneficial and potentially harmful bacteria, coexisting on the skin surface. The types and quantities of microorganisms present are impacted by age, gender, diet, hygiene and environmental factors such as climate and pollution. Each person’s skin microbiome is unique.

Research on the skin microbiome has demonstrated that it plays a role in healthy skin. Healthy skin has an intact skin barrier and a balanced microbiome, which typically means a high level of microbial diversity. Patients with certain conditions, including atopic dermatitis and dry, itchy skin, have fragile and altered skin barriers and unbalanced microbiomes. One way to help balance the skin’s microbiome includes the use of prebiotics (often found in carbohydrates or dietary fibers) to enhance the growth of good bacteria

Prebiotics are food for microorganisms. They are selectively fermented, allowing specific changes both in composition and/or activity in the microflora that confer benefits, like helping microorganisms grow and produce beneficial byproducts. In skin care, prebiotics help to create a healthy environment for the skin microbiome.

In addition to rich moisturization and skin barrier benefits, AVEENO® Oat is a skin prebiotic that supports the growth of microorganisms within the skin microbiome. AVEENO® scientists have been studying oat for over 60 years and have discovered AVEENO® Oat acts as a prebiotic and helps balance the skin’s microbiome.

Now that you familiar with your skin's microbiome, are you ready to start protecting it? Get your AVEENO® Prebiotic Oat Body Wash lines now from Walmart or add to your next online pickup or delivery order!



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