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New year new me - 365 full day of eating!

About new year resolutions...I really think we have the capacity to change our habits any time or any day of the year, but I do also know that a year is like a solid block that we grab in the beginning and carve it the best we can until it's end - so the psychological aspect of putting our dreams, plans and new resolutions to a whole new year is still very powerful and will definitely work for some or most of us.

I partnered up with Whole Foods Market 365 to share a "new year new me" full day of eating by creating a menu that could help you to start this January in a simple, delicious and above all, healthy way!

Plus, you already know that I'm all about prepping some food to have in the fridge to keep us from making bad choices and giving us that extra time on a busy work day is also a plus.

This menu is the perfect example of meals that you can just grab from the fridge and eat them right away, with minimal prep!

Before we jump into the recipes let's take a look at the grocery list I did for this full day of eating:


Frozen raspberries 365 Everyday Value

Frozen Blueberries 365 Everyday Value

Raw Almonds

Maple Syrup 365 Everyday Value

Hazelnut Califa farms creamer

Pac choy

French lentils (I choose the one from the bulk section)

Organic Brown rice 365 Everyday Value

Cherry tomatoes

Organic girl super greens

Cold pressed Sweet Green and lemon Juice from Evolution Fresh

Lemon cake Halo Top Ice cream






Chickpeas (I choose the one from the bulk section)

Just to show you how I stretched my $50 gift card, I ended spending less than half of it on these meals! I bought in the ingredients (specially the fruits and veggies) in generous quantities since I use them pretty much every single day.


Berry Yogurt quick parfait and hazelnut cream latte


coconut yogurt (So natural)




maple syrup


Califia farms hazelnut creamer (dairy free)

1. Take the raspberries and blueberries out of the freezer and warm them for a few minutes on a pan until they create a sauce.

2. Add the yogurt into a bowl, add the berries, chopped almonds and maple syrup.

3. Make some coffee and ad some creamer. to create a foamy latte you can mix in in a blender or with a whisk.


Grilled pac choy lentil bowl


1 Pac choy

1 cup cooked French lentils (I choose the one from the bulk section)

1 cup cooked brown rice

10 cherry tomatoes

Organic girl super greens

1 glass of Cold pressed Sweet Green and lemon Juice from Evolution Fresh

Olive oil

suggested topping: hummus!

1. Cook the lentils and brown rice ahead. You can cook extra to save in the fridge for other meals.

2. Grill the pac choy on a non-stick pan with some olive oil. Set aside and grill the cherry tomatoes.

3. Add the super greens into a bowl, add lentils mixed with brown rice and squeeze some lemon juice. Add the pac choy and the tomatoes.

4. Serve with some humus on top and dig in!

As a snack I was fancying some sweet fresh snack, so I choose the lemon cake Halo Top Ice cream! Delicious and fresh!


Spicy chickpea veggie soup

ingredients (for 4)

1 Sweet potato (400g)

1/2 Leek

2 Onion

2 Carrots

2 Tomatoes

2 small Zuchinnis

2 cups of Chickpeas (I choose the one from the bulk section)

Olive oil

1. Cook the chickpeas in advance.

2. Add the leek, 1 onion, sweet potato, zucchinis into a pan and cover with some water. Cook until tender.

3. Make the tomato salsa with tomatoes, onion olive oil and salt. Set aside.

4. Blend the veggies in a blender and spice it up with some chilli flakes, salt and thyme.

5. Serve the soup with the chickpeas and salsa on top.

sprinkle some sesame seeds or other seeds you like!


I hope you like this suggestions and try the recipes a home!

Let me know what you think about this full day of eating and if you try any of the recipes please share with #eatlovewithlove! I would love to see it!

See you on the next post!





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