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Samanta McMurray . Cook book Author . Food&lifestyle content creator

Currently based in the US


Hi, I'm Sam and I am the face behind Eat Love.


I started my blog on February 2013, after finishing my degree in Architecture. I know, what does healthy food has to do with architecture? Well, I can only be honest with you by saying I found my passion for healthy living after graduating, and since then it has been the most amazing adventure of my life. 

I always had a passion for cooking, I literally can spend countless hours in the kitchen, experimenting new ingredients and new recipes.

I find myself quite inpatient though, so all my creations have to fulfil 3 requirements: they have to be fast, easy & most of all, healthy!


I started to shoot my recipes since the very beginning, and, maybe because of my artistic past, my eye for light and composition begun to attract some compliments by my new followers, so I decided that I wanted to be better on that field. 


My first assignment was actually working for my very first cook book

“ Sumos com Segredos”, a book where I share my favourite smoothie and light snacks recipes. To pursuit my will on becoming a better food photographer, I decided to travel to New York and live there for a couple of months and work with one of my favourite photographers, Vanessa Rees. On those months I actually managed to create and photographed the recipes for my second book “Manhãs com Segredos”, a book dedicated to my favourite breakfast recipes, pancakes, parfaits, smoothie bowls and toasts.


Back to Portugal, it was time to start teaching my still very tender knowledge on photography and healthy cooking. I begun to host cooking and food styling workshops, working with brands and continued creating digital content for my blog. I also adventured myself in the video field and started to share recipes on youtube.

Before I moved to the US (Cleveland, Ohio) early this year, I published my third book, this time filled with my top warm and cousy soup recipes pared with some of my all time favourite snacks, "Sopas com Segredos".


Healthy food, nutrition tips, exercise are the main subjects I write about on this digital little space.


I am passionate about everything that evolves helping others getting healthier and feeling great about themselves.

Here I will share with you my lifestyle as a healthy foddie, recipes filled with super and honest ingredients, nutrition tips, exercise motivation and everything else I think that will help you follow the happy journey of life!

Welcome, and hope you like it!



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